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Wellbeing support for hybrid teams

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How does the Health Calendar Programme help?

How can you deliver your duty of care to your staff now that hybrid working is the norm? As employers, we know that we need to ensure our staff is physically well cared for whilst they are working for us. Not only is it morally right, it means that they can perform their work to the best of their ability. But supporting a team that may only be in the office for part of the time (or even none of the time) can be really hard.

We also need to be careful that we approach our duty of care in a sensitive way. Employees need to take ownership and feel that they have control over their health, not that their employer is patronising or being forceful in any way.

Those responsible for delivering support or training also need to feel that they can do so in a manageable way and that resources can be tailored to suit the circumstances of the business that they are operating in. Every company and every team is different.

What is the Health Calendar Programme?

The Health Calendar Programme provides access to resources about a range of wellbeing topics. All the resources are accessed digitally or remotely, making this programme perfect for the hybrid workplace. Each employee can select the topics that are most relevant to them, and each workplace can choose to promote topics that they feel are pertinent to their circumstances, making this Programme an ideal solution for today’s diverse hybrid workplace.

Designed to run for a twelve-month period, the Programme breaks down into easily attainable monthly campaigns. You get access to resources that will help you run the monthly campaign with your staff, encouraging them to access a monthly webinar and Q&A. All our resources are accessed digitally or remotely, making this programme perfect for the hybrid workplace.

There are a variety of wellbeing topics. These include personal resilience, men’s health, home working, sleep, menopause, financial wellbeing, heart health, mental health and managing conflict, amongst others. The topics are grouped under four categories:

  1. Physical Wellbeing
  2. Psychological Wellbeing
  3. Social Wellbeing
  4. Financial Wellbeing

Why Choose this Scheme?

Support hybrid teams

Online content gives all employees access, anywhere

Personalised wellbeing support

Choose from a range of topics and resource formats

All-round care

Covers financial, social, psychological and physical wellbeing

What support do I get?

The Health Calendar is just one in a range of benefits that we can provide to help you build a culture of wellbeing in your workplace. Our team is happy to provide information on other, complementary benefits. We are always on hand to help you set up, advertise and manage your employee benefits package. Please just let us know if you require any assistance, and we will be delighted to help. Chat to us now.

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How does it work?

As soon as your Programme starts, your employees will be able to access information on all of the topics covered. During the first week of each month, a pre-recorded webinar will be uploaded to the Calendar. Employees can access the webinar at any point and leave questions via a Chat Box function. During the third week of the month, answers to all the questions will be updated. Additional content about the monthly topic will be added every week ( a minimum of four pieces of content per month).

You can access resources that allow you to promote the monthly topic to your team. These campaign resources will allow you to encourage staff to take ownership of their wellbeing.