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When employees have the opportunity to take an active interest in their professional and personal development, they will be more focussed and engaged on their job and with their employer.

Learning & development from Bravo Benefits gives employees access to a wide variety of courses from some of the world’s leading learning institutions and encourages continuous learning to keep brains active and healthy. Employees are given the ability to choose to learn new skills and gain knowledge to progress in their career, take up new hobbies or discover personal interests through our training and development programs.



Research has shown that 58% of employees prefer to learn at their own pace. Learning & development is a useful resource to ensure that employees don’t miss out on training and development opportunities, whether it is to help them with their work, extend their learning to move forward with their career or for their own personal development.

Employees can benefit from high-quality learning and development training delivered by leading education organisations, such as CIPD, the Open University, EdEx and more. Employers can use online courses to complement onsite programmes and reskill employees to ensure that they are all up to date with emerging developments in a fast-changing world.

Real-time management information is available to make valuable assessments, such as which courses are most popular, those that are trending and how many clicks each course has received by employees.

The Learning & Development platform can make course recommendations based on those that employees are completing and taking an interest in.

Employee Learning & Development provides employees with hundreds of online courses under a wide variety of categories, such as communication & study, life skills, beauty & skincare, hobbies, business & management, home & garden, creative arts & media, pet care and more.



Whether employees choose to take part in a course for their professional career development, to learn a new skill or take up a new hobby, there is something for everyone.

Employees simply browse the library of courses, choose those they want to undertake and complete them.

92% of courses are free of charge to accomplish, with some having the option to add verified certificates for a nominated fee upon completion.

Here at Bravo Benefits, we provide a range of benefits to help employers to reward their employees, keeping them motivated and feeling valued. Employers should aim to strategically implement sustainable employee training and development programmes, initiatives and tools that will result in employees having a sense of purpose and belonging. Give your employees the ability to learn new skills and develop their knowledge in a simple and easy way, addressing engagement, retention and motivation with Learning & Development. Talk to a member of our team today on 0330 333 9100 or email us on


Why Choose this Scheme?


Encourage employee progression inside and outside of the business


Hundreds of courses to choose from – there is something for everyone


Browse the online library, select a course and sign up


92% of courses are free to complete


Use courses to support job development for employees


Education provided by leading education bodies

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Boost employee morale and productivity by giving them access to continuous learning to encourage employee growth and development. See how much they can discover with our workplace learning and development platform. Talk to us about implementing Learning & Development in your workplace today and ensure learning and growth for employees.