Reward & Recognition

Highlight achievements and encourage employee interaction


Employees that feel appreciated and motivated will engage with their employer, and this will significantly increase when they receive recognition for their hard work and achievements. Recognition from peer to peer can be even more powerful and have a much larger positive impact on employee productivity and morale. The Bravo Benefits Reward & Recognition programs enable organisations and their employees to give each other recognition based on various organisation values.

  • Highlight standout work and achievements
  • Company news feed to showcase all recognition received
  • Assign team budgets to provide monetary rewards in the form of vouchers to spend on a variety of well-known brands
  • Choose to reward employees with perks such as ‘have a lie-in’, ‘order a takeaway’ and ‘finish early today’
  • Management information
  • Bespoke branded platform – add your logo, branding colours and platform name



The Reward & Recognition platform is designed to highlight achievements and standout work from peer to peer. Values are set by your organisation from which, employees can give kudos, thanks and congratulations as and when it is deserved to those employees who achieve the values. Recognition is monitored by administrators where they can assess who their most active champions are. Budgets can be set to incentivise outstanding efforts and special dates including birthdays and long service anniversaries.


Implementing a Reward & Recognition program will not only increase employee satisfaction and reduce staff turnover, but it will also assist with engaging employees as well as attracting talent.

Management information provides an insight to help drive a recognition culture, gives employers the ability to assess which values are being achieved and by who, as well as monitoring who the key team players are.

A Reward & Recognition platform will encourage employees to actively seek opportunities to reward each other, and create a productive and welcoming workplace, wherever your employees are working from.

A monthly round-up email is sent to employees with activity updates from the previous month. This is designed to encourage employees to use the platform effectively and think proactively about giving kudos to colleagues.


Here at Bravo Benefits, we provide a range of benefits to help employers to reward their employees, keeping them motivated and feeling valued. Today, more companies are investing in employee benefits to engage, protect and reward their workforce. This is where we can help; if you are interested in making employee recognition a part of your everyday culture, talk to us about implementing a Reward & Recognition platform.  Call us on 0330 333 9100 or email us at

Why Choose this Scheme?


Encourage engagement from peer to peer and with your organisation’s values


Employees show their appreciation for each other’s work and working attitude

Easy to Use

Simple, quick and easy to give kudos to each other


Personalise profiles with branding and photographs


Add a monetary budget to provide voucher rewards or perks


Employees will work better in their teams and support each other

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Encourage employee recognition

Encourage employees to take notice of their colleagues and the effort they put into their work to achieve your business values.  Talk to us about implementing a Reward & Recognition culture in your workplace today.