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Reward your team for a job well done and help your business thrive.

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How does a Reward and Recognition Digital Platform help?

Employees that enjoy their work, who feel valued and recognised for the efforts they put in, are more likely to develop loyalty to the company they work for. Staff who are committed to their team are more likely to go the extra mile, working hard to produce outstanding results. A thriving team builds a thriving business. Ensuring that your team’s efforts are publically recognised and rewarded is a key way to retain great staff, build company loyalty and deliver great results.

In years gone by, highlighting staff achievements could be as simple as pinning a team name to a break-room noticeboard, but today’s work environment is more complex than that. Hybrid working has many benefits but does create significant challenges, one of which is building a team ethos amongst dispersed staff members. This is where an online Recognition Platform can help. The platform can be accessed anytime, anywhere, enabling you to praise and reward your team, no matter where they are.

What is a Reward and Recognition Digital Platform?

A Reward and Recognition Digital Platform provides you with a place to publicly acknowledge the commitment and achievements of individual team members. You can set individual and business goals, promote company values and give tangible rewards to those who work hard.

Individual team members can be given rewards for their accomplishments at work, including monetary gifts, vouchers, and work perks. These can be anything from “have a lie-in tomorrow” to “finish early on Friday”. Rewarding great effort with personal time is highly valued by most employees and can improve morale. Who doesn’t like a bit of extra time to themselves?

Why Choose this Scheme?

Build team loyalty

Retain great staff by rewarding achievements.

Build a team ethos

Connect team members around the world and promote your company’s values.

Encourage team engagement

Team members can personalise their avatars and nominate their colleagues.

How does it work?

The platform allows you to personalise your account with a company logo and list your business values. Once all your team members have been granted an account, you can give permission to managers to highlight achievements in line with your business goals.

All members of your team are given a username and password to access the account. They can log on and see updates, responding to the notifications in real-time.

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Encourage team engagement

All your team members can personalise their own profiles and access the platform on any device at any time. The platform comes with a feature that allows you to grant your team permission to nominate work colleagues for rewards and acknowledgments, helping them to participate in building a positive workplace culture.