New Cars Crucial for Employee Engagement

Our salary sacrifice car leasing scheme is crucial in not only supporting your employees' wellbeing and safety, but also improving your business productivity and employee engagement while saving money.

National Road Victim Month is an event held annually in August. The event aims to remind people about driver safety and make our roads safer.

The Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974 states that employers should take appropriate steps to ensure the health and safety of their employees. This includes time spent driving. As an employer, you are obligated in managing the risks for employees who drive during the workday for anything business related.

However, if your employees drive to work, it’s important that you also think about their safety on the roads outside of work hours. After all, looking after their health is an essential element of your wider wellbeing strategy.

As cars and technology adapt, there has been a greater emphasis on the importance of road safety, with many new vehicles installed with top safety features. Our salary sacrifice car leasing scheme is crucial in not only supporting your employees’ wellbeing and safety, but in also improving your business productivity and employee engagement while saving money. Here’s how car leasing can be a benefit for both employers and employees alike:


Improved employee satisfaction

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that drowsy driving was responsible for 72,000 crashes over the last year. Drowsiness slows reaction times and affects a driver’s ability to make good decisions.

Support your employees’ wellbeing by ensuring they are not overworked or burning out. These factors will affect their long-term physical health and impact their driving safety on the roads. However, in the short-term and even after just a long day, your employees’ driving may be impacted.

You can improve employee satisfaction and help to protect their safety outside of the office with our salary sacrifice car leasing scheme as many of our vehicles are fitted with autonomous emergency braking and lane assist.

Autonomous emergency breaking, or AEB, is available from manufacturers such as BMW, Ford and Subaru and is increasingly becoming fitted as standard. This safety feature uses sensors on the vehicle in order to detect how close obstacles or the car in front of you is. If the sensor believes you may crash, you will be alerted. If the driver doesn’t respond, the system will automatically apply the brakes.

Lane assist is another feature that is becoming more common, especially in premium cars. Standard lane assist technology notifies the driver of a vehicle if they have unknowingly swerved or strayed into another lane on the motorway. Now, lane assist has been developed even further. It can now gently nudge the steering wheel if you wonder, ensuring that you stay in the lanes.

Show employees that you have their safety in mind through all aspects of work, including driving to and from the office. When they feel you care about their wellbeing as an individual, they will feel appreciated in the workplace.


Financial savings

On top of improving employee engagement and business productivity through supporting employees with car safety, our salary sacrifice car leasing scheme comes with large financial savings.

The age of a car is beginning to have a significant effect on the costs associated with driving in large cities. Areas such as London, Birmingham and Bristol are beginning to introduce clean air zones. These clean air zones deliver immediate action to improve air quality and health for cities while delivering sustained reductions in pollution. Drivers will now have to pay if they drive a car which produces a lot of emissions.

Most brand new cars are built with the environment in mind, and in turn, are more economical. This means that many new cars are exempt from the charges occurred for driving unsustainable vehicles.

As well as this scheme being a great tool to show employees that you appreciate them, it can also create some serious financial savings. The scheme is completely free for a business to register, and as the scheme is paid for through salary sacrifice, both the employer and employee will make savings. Call us on 0330 333 9100 or email to find out more.