Ways to Support Employee Wellbeing During Periods of Business Change

Positive and negative reactions can come from business change. For example, a mass employment drive is likely to increase workplace productivity and employee satisfaction, but redundancies will increase stress and reduce productivity.

If your business is going through changes, it is vital that you engage with your employees. Left unmanaged, it can affect morale, engagement and employee wellbeing. In fact, according to Health and Safety Executive (HSE) change is one of the key elements that affect workplace stress.

Whatever changes are involved, employee wellbeing is a vital aspect to the workplace. If your business is going through any transformations, it’s important that you protect your employees’ wellbeing. Here are three ways you can engage with your employees and support their wellbeing during periods of business change.

If you communicate effectively throughout your business change, employees are likely to feel respected and understood. The employees that are to be impacted by the business change should be identified and consulted on how the changes will affect them, but it is beneficial to communicate with your entire workforce about the business developments.

Eradicate the fear of the unknown and talk to your employees about what opportunities may arise from the changes and what the transitions will look like. When you act with complete transparency, there will be less stress caused from confusion.

Understand the Individual
There is likely to be a wide range of responses to the change and managers must make the time to deal with each one. Regardless of the changes happening, anxiety is likely to be a primary emotion that occurs. If your employees are already overloaded with work, stress is also likely to arise.

It is therefore vital that you engage with your employees on an individual basis. Show your employees that they are not just a number and that you understand how the changes may affect them personally. Show your employees you are available to chat with an open-door policy so that they can come and discuss the business changes with you.

Support Them
Employee Assistance Programmes offer employees support and solutions to help them deal with any problems that may be causing them stress. As business change is unavoidable, stress is to be expected.

By providing your employees with access to counselling services and online help systems, you can give them access to confidential and careful support where they can talk about how the business changes will affect them.

Support your employees to support your business
In the words of Richard Branson: If you look after your staff, they’ll look after your customers.

Businesses that understand the importance in supporting employee wellbeing throughout business change will engage with their employees. Not only does this support your employees with their own wellbeing, but you are also supporting your business.

Communicating with employees and understanding the individual while providing support services are key in engaging your workforce. When employees are engaged, they are likely to have increased satisfaction. Happy employees are more productive which is beneficial to your business!

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