Employee Benefits Made Simple Frequently Asked Questions

Finding the right employee benefits package for your business can be complicated, and that’s why we’ve made it simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ page aims to answer any questions you may have regarding employee benefits in general and our specific processes here at Bravo Benefits.

Below, you can find out more information about how benefits help a business, why and how you should review them, and what employee reward schemes are best. We also respond to our most popular questions regarding our platform, Smart Hive, as well as our specific schemes and our pricing.


Why should I review my employee benefits?

It’s important that companies review their benefits on a regular basis to make sure they are staying current and offering diverse and multi-generational benefits that are relevant to employees.

A recent graduate and a long-term business employee are unlikely to want the same benefits. So, as different generations enter the workforce and as society changes, it’s vital that employers are providing the right benefits. If they don’t, companies run the risk of no longer being attractive or competitive, which may result in increased staff turnover. In fact, in January 2016, 21% of employees were planning to change jobs with the most popular reason being to secure better pay and benefits.


How do employee benefits help a business?

Employee benefits are beneficial to everyone, and not just employees. In general, supplying your staff with benefits shows them how thankful you are, which is likely to boost morale. By making your employees feel appreciated, they are likely to stay motivated and have increased workplace satisfaction. These factors also increase workplace happiness and productivity, and when you have happy and productive employees, you have a happy and productive business.

Being more granular, lots of specific schemes will help businesses. For example, Bravo Benefits focus upon three elements: we aim to reward, engage and protect business employees. We offer schemes that support employees with financial help, mental health support and physical medical care, as well as a multitude of specific schemes which focus on personal wellbeing.

By looking after your employees’ financial wellbeing and medical health, you make sure your employees are taken care of across all levels, reducing their personal stress. When your staff are less stressed and less distracted, they are more productive, which positively affects your businesses productivity.


What is the best way to review my employee benefits programme?

In order to ensure that your business is getting the best deal, it’s important that you:


How popular are your benefits?

Very! We already work with over 16,500 employers and businesses across the UK, spanning from smaller businesses to national organisations.


How do your benefit schemes work?

Bravo Benefits work with companies across a variety of industries to supply employee benefits that engage, reward and protect employees. This means that all our schemes have specific aims – for example, our medical cover and insurance will protect employees if anything bad happens, our retail discounts and offers exist to reward employees and our car leasing and our employee assistance programme helps to engage staff with their workplace.

Setting up our employee benefits schemes are easy! In order to get the ball rolling, talk to us. We then take the time to fully understand your business, and we will speak to you about what level of cover you want, and which schemes you are interested in. We present you with the best options and set it up for you! Then, both employers and employees gain access to our Smart Hive, which allows you to choose, manage and develop your schemes.


What is Smart Hive?

Smart Hive is our easy to use, 24 hour, 7 days a week accessible platform that gives employers and their employees an always-on channel to access all their benefits in one place. The platform allows businesses to produce branded communications for schemes as well as customise the platform with their logo and colours.


How can I access Smart Hive?

Setting up your own account on Smart Hive is quick and easy! Firstly, the employer will confirm the number of employees to be included in a scheme with bravo benefits. Then, the employer provides basic employee information and the platform is set up. Finally, employees will be able to access the site and create their own accounts with their personal information.


Does it matter what schemes I register for?

Yes. As an employer, you should consider which benefits are going to be the greatest reward for your staff. For example, is family healthcare going to benefit your business if all employees are under 21 with no children? Choosing the right schemes can positively affect productivity and loyalty within your business as employees feel their needs are supported.

16% of employees have left a job or turned down employment in the last 12 months because of the benefits offered and 60% of employees are likely to take a job with lower pay but better benefits, so it’s important that you choose benefits that are right for your employees. Therefore, bravo benefits offer a wide spectrum of benefits; we offer anything from discount vouchers and gift-cards to private health insurance.


Which schemes would you recommend?

All schemes are different, and the answer to this question depends on the recipients of the benefits. No business wants to waste money, so don’t invest in offering employees any benefits that they don’t want! Instead, ask your employees which benefits they would be interested in. You should build up your benefits and register for different schemes depending on your employee’s responses. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to employee benefits!


What benefits are involved in your Reward schemes?

As part of our Reward schemes, we offer a reward and recognition scheme, where we offer employers the opportunity to reward employees with tickets to events, travel cards, gift cards, flowers and gifts and personalised certificates. Another method to reward employees is our retail discount scheme.


What benefits are involved in your Protect schemes?

At Bravo Benefits, we work with several companies so that we can offer the best coverage on the market to protect employees if anything were to go wrong. These include a focus upon medical care, with schemes such as health cash plans, group life insuranceprivate medical insurance and much more.


What benefits are involved in your Engage schemes?

By working with several companies, we are able to provide businesses with the best schemes and help employees engage with their workplace. These benefits include car leasing, cycle-to-work schemes, employee assistance programmes and many more.


How much does your platform cost?

At Bravo Benefits, we are committed to a fair pricing policy. Our approach is to charge our customers appropriate prices for implementing our employee benefits platform Smart Hive. After working with employers for many years, it is our mission to improve access to benefits in the workplace and make benefit provision affordable for all employers irrespective of their size. In order to find out more, talk to a member of our team.


What is salary sacrifice?

Salary sacrifice is the process involved when an employee gives up the right to receive part of their cash pay in return for a particular benefit. This money is usually taken before tax, which means there are substantial cost savings. Salary sacrifice is the pay process involved in our Cycle to Work scheme, which you can find out more about here.


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