reward and recognition

Designed to make work rewarding whilst delivering an exciting and sustainable solution to recognising your employees.

Harness the power of thank you

Commend hard work, successes and achievements whilst inspiring your employees to perform at their best by reinforcing your core business values with the reward & recognition programme.

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What makes our programme so different?

  • Use recognition and rewards to highlight achievements and standout work
  • Incentivise outstanding efforts in line with business values
  • Provide monetary rewards in the form of funds to spend on top brands
  • Choose to provide perks for nominations received, which can be something as simple as 'finish early on Friday'
  • Empower employees to look for opportunities to reward their colleagues for hard work, performance and achieving goals
  • Highlight and celebrate employee birthdays and reward long service and dedication
  • Streamline all of your organisation's awards via the programme
  • Access via the single sign-on mobile-optimised app
Reward & Recognition App

Harness the power of social recognition

  • Each time an employee receives a nomination, this can be displayed on the 'wall of fame' for everyone in your organisation to see
  • Employees can add likes to their favourite nomination posts on the 'wall of fame'
  • If you would like to review nomination comments prior to them appearing on the news feed, this function can be turned on or off by request
  • Enabling employees to view the nominations received by their colleagues will inspire them to achieve your company values as well as encouraging them to send nominations to their colleagues