Car Maintenance Scheme

Help your team to reduce unexpected outgoings and maintain their freedom.

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How does the Car Maintenance scheme help?

Access to a car significantly improves one’s quality of life. Getting to work or doing the shop becomes far easier when you have the freedom and convenience a car affords.

But paying for maintaining a car is a large proportion of your income. What is more, breakdowns or faults can happen unexpectedly, putting an undue strain on budgets and severely affecting your everyday cash flow. This kind of uncertainty can restrict access to car ownership, as people are unsure they can accommodate such erratic outgoings. This can limit their life chances and affect their chances of promotion.

What is the Car Maintenance Scheme?

This is where a Car Maintenance Scheme can help. This scheme allows you to spread the cost of maintaining your vehicle over 12 months. This builds assurance that maintenance is affordable, increases the potential for car ownership, and helps staff manage their expenses. It gives assurance that your staff has access to well-maintained vehicles and means they can be more flexible in their work-life.

Employees exchange their monthly contributions for a Letter of Redemption when they need car maintenance services. The Letter can be redeemed at up to 300 Halford Autocentres throughout the UK. Other household vehicles can be maintained through the scheme, meaning your employees can ensure all of their vehicles are kept in good working order.

Paying for this scheme via salary sacrifice has the added benefit of reducing the amount of National Insurance each employee will need to pay.

Why Choose this Scheme?

Give freedom and flexibility

Ensure your team has access to a well-maintained vehicle.

Make living costs manageable

Spread the cost and reduce unexpected outgoings.

Reduce NICs

Salary sacrifice means your team pays a smaller National Insurance Contribution.

How does it work?

This scheme can be paid through pre-tax salary sacrifice or as a net deduction after tax.  Employees receive a Letter of Redemption that can be used in 300 different Halfords Autocentres throughout the UK. Employees can apply for any amount required in increments of £1 to £60, up to a limit set by you.

If the cost of the service is greater than the amount on the Letter, employees can make a second application (so long as the amount does not exceed the maximum application amount set up by the employer). If there are any leftover funds on the Letter after the service has been completed, the funds can be used to pay for future maintenance or repairs.

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What services does the scheme cover?

Employees can use their Letter of Redemption to pay for MOTs, servicing, replacement tyres, wipers, headlights, air conditioning services, and Winter checks.