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How does the Cycle to Work Scheme help?

The rush hour: every commuter’s nightmare. Worse than the never-ending cacophony of horns and engines is the cost of the fuel that gets burned as your engine idles at every traffic light and junction.

But there is an alternative. Cycling to work is not only a great form of exercise, the only fuel it requires is your choice of breakfast. With the constant development of the cycle lane network in the UK, it has never been easier to beat the queues and arrive stress-free and on time to work every morning. Cycling also produces significantly fewer carbon emissions than public transport, making it one of the Greenest ways to get to work.

However, purchasing a bike can be a large one-off cost that some employees struggle to afford. This restricts many employees, stopping them from having the assurance they are able to get to work hassle-free that a cost-effective bike affords.

What is the Cycle to Work Scheme?

This is where the Cycle to Work Scheme can really help your team arrive to work on time and stress-free.

This scheme allows your employees to hire bikes and cycling equipment. Employees pay for the equipment as a form of salary sacrifice, before their taxes. Employees can choose from thousands of bicycle models and accessories up to a value set by you. The scheme allows access to over 1,500 retailers throughout the UK and can help your employees save up to 47% on the cost of a new bicycle.

Why Choose this Scheme?

Provide transportation to work

Ensure your team has access to free transportation.

Invest in your team

Provide access to healthy activities.

Support the environment

Contribute to your company’s environmental policy.

How does it work?

Employees that use the scheme sacrifice a part of their salary pre-tax and receive a certificate. The staff member can then exchange the certificate for their cycling equipment. You then make deductions from their salary over a 12 or 18 month period. As the employer, you can make savings on National Insurance Contributions of up to 13.8% using this scheme.

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What support do I get?

Our team is on hand to offer tailored support throughout the process of setting up, advertising, and managing your scheme. We are able to help educate your staff on the benefits of the scheme, as well as explain how to access information about their account. All our benefits are available through our digital online platform, Smart Hive.