Retail Discount Scheme

Help your team save money on the products they love.

How does the Retail Discount Scheme help?

The cost of living is constantly changing. This can have a tumultuous impact on your employees’ quality of life, negatively affecting their work-life. That is where providing work perks such as retail discounts can really help. Giving your team the option of making lots of small savings on lots of everyday products can help their money go further. It builds security, bringing peace of mind and enabling them to thrive in the workplace.

In addition, giving retail discounts as a way to show your gratitude for a job well done makes them feel valued, increasing their enjoyment of their work and developing their sense of loyalty to your company. Presented as a company benefit, our Retail Discount Scheme can help attract the best candidates to apply for advertised positions. This can give your company more choice of candidate, meaning you can build a really great team.

What is the Retail Discount Scheme?

The Retail Discount Scheme allows your staff to receive discounts on a range of products across dozens of selected retailers. Employees can choose to receive discounts on gift cards and vouchers, empowering them to spend their money. The scheme also allows staff to make savings on larger purchases such as holidays and days out and recreational activities such as cinema trips.



Why Choose this Scheme?

Lots of choices

Your team can receive discounts at a range of retail outlets.

Make living costs manageable

Receive discounts on everyday items as well as luxury goods.

Attract the best candidates

An attractive work perk that rewards great work.

What support do I get?

Our team is on hand to talk you through the entire process of setting up the scheme and educating your staff on the benefits. We work closely with you to build the right benefits package for you. We help explain its potential impact and support you as you set up the scheme.

You can access our support at any time, day or night, meaning you can have the assurance that your team can use their retail discounts at all times.

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How does it work?

The scheme can be accessed through our Smart Hive digital platform or via a third-party provider using a reference code that we provide.

As soon as employees are registered as users they are able to use their accounts to make purchases. Smart Hive allows you to find discount codes that you can use online to make your purchases.