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Don't just give a reward, gift a memory

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How does the Reward Experiences Scheme help?

Have you ever been given a gift that just gathers dust? Although the giver had the best of intentions, their efforts fell short of the mark. Inevitably, the gift hangs around your home for a bit, before ending up being recycled, given to a charity shop, or sadly dumped.

Rather than add to landfill, when you choose to reward your team, do not just give an object that will give momentary delight. Instead, give the gift of a memory that lasts forever. Experiences build memories, and memories make a life.

We all know that a team wants – and needs – to be thanked for the hard work that they do. Not only does it improve everyone’s morale, but it also develops a work ethos where people feel valued, and feel they are contributing to something larger than themselves. Being captured by a vision like that develops loyalty, and that loyalty encourages great people to stick around. Reward experiences can help you retain your top talent for longer.

What is the Reward Experiences Scheme?

This scheme, which is provided through our partners at BuyAGift, allows you to select a voucher from a wide range of experiences. You can choose an experience that you know your employee will really love, giving them a huge dollop of thanks and memories that will stay with them forever.

Experiences include supercar driving days, spa days, dining out experiences, bungee jumping, theme park trips, theatre trips, luxury hotel stays, and short breaks, to name just a few! There is a large selection to browse from, with new ideas added all the time.

Why Choose this Scheme?

Retain top talent

Staff who are thanked for their work stick around for longer


Create memories, not landfill

Give gifts that are really valued

Reward hard work

Show you are thankful and make work more beneficial

How does it work?

Simply choose how many Reward Experience vouchers you want to buy and order them directly through Bravo Benefits. Send them to your team for a job well done. Your employees are then free to spend the vouchers when they like. It is that easy.

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What support do I get?

Our team is on hand to walk you through the process of setting up, advertising, and managing your scheme. We are able to help educate your staff on the benefits of the scheme, as well as train them on how to access information about their account. You do not just need to keep your benefits for motivating your team limited to Reward Experiences; we have an extensive range of products to choose from, meaning we can create a tailored package of work perks that provide great employee benefits to your staff.