Tech Benefits

Equip your team, save money and provide work perks your team will love.

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How do Tech Benefits help?

With the trend towards hybrid working ever-increasing, providing your team with access to high-quality tech is now more crucial than ever. Technology is constantly evolving, meaning replacing items is sometimes essential to the proper functioning of a business. Traditional methods of mass investment in company-owned tech can be costly and inefficient.

Instead, providing team members with the opportunity to select and own their own tech gives them control over which equipment suits their role and needs. Better tech will empower them, and bring down the overall cost of tech provision and maintenance for the company.

What is Tech Benefits?

Tech Benefits provides employees with the chance to invest in the latest technology in exchange for small monthly payments directly from their salary. This helps them spread the cost but also reduces the overall cost of many items. The scheme allows team members to pay less than the recommended retail price (RRP) of many items, putting cash back in their pockets.

Your team can select from the latest computer equipment, smartphones, TVs and displays, fitness tech, sound and audio equipment, and accessories. There is a range of brands to choose from, including Apple, Ring Sonos, Fitbit, Microsoft, and more.

Why Choose this Scheme?

Equip your team

Give your team the opportunity to do their best work with the best tech.

Cut budgets

Empower your team to own their own tech, reducing the need for company equipment.

Reduce costs

Pay less than the recommended retail price on many items.

How does it work?

Payments are made over a period of time each month, to suit the needs of your employees. Because your employees are making payments from pre-tax, a smaller proportion of their overall salary is lost to National Insurance. This means the scheme is helping them save on National Insurance Contributions. If they want to wait for a certain item to be released, they can purchase vouchers that can be collected and used when required.

No deposit is required, there are no credit checks, and no interest is charged. This is a cost-neutral scheme for your business. You can decide on a payment plan, choosing from 1,2, or 3 years.

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What support do you get?

Our team can provide site visits to promote and explain the service to your staff. The scheme is simple to set up and easy to administer. Your company’s designated scheme administrator will be contacted by our team who will provide support for set up and for payroll if required.

All scheme members get access to their package via an online portal as soon as the system is put in place and can instantly start browsing.

Throughout the scheme, your team can receive expert advice on picking the tech that best suits their requirements, as well as access to customer support. All deliveries are made to either the employees’ homes or workplace, as requested.

If employees buy Apple products, they get instant access to the on-site Apple Authorised Service Centre. They are also able to access Apple’s training facility. Employees can save even more money by trading in their old Apple products for new ones.