3 Ways to Look After An Employee's Health

All organisations have a legal obligation to ensure the health, safety and welfare of their employees. Therefore, it's vital that you take the time to look after your employees.

This blog discusses how organisations can fulfil their obligations to their staff and in turn, facilitate their employees’ health and wellbeing.


Employee Assistance Programmes

Every two minutes a worker in the UK is made ill due to stress at work, according to research by the Trades Union Congress (TUC).

Employee Assistance Programmes help staff deal with mental and physical health as well as legal and financial issues. The schemes provide an online risk assessment system and around the clock telephone counselling services from licensed and trained professionals. Whether employees are looking for advice on how to manage workplace stress or they want to see if they are at risk of developing an illness, an Employee Assistance Programme can help. Employees need not worry about using the service as organisations are not alerted when employees use the service.

Organisations can benefit in a variety of ways such as, reduced absenteeism, increased staff morale and an enhanced recruitment profile. In addition to this, they will also receive information on how to handle a stressed workforce. A scheme like this allows managers to spend less time counselling staff while employees can receive tailored support from the appropriate professionals.


Hospital Treatment Insurance

Waiting for surgery can be a long and stressful time for your employees, and long waiting lists can result in longer periods of absence and recovery times.

Hospital Treatment Insurance plans allow your employees access to prompt and private medical treatment for a whole range of conditions. This means your staff get treated sooner and can get healthy quickly.

Organisations can benefit from this type of insurance in a variety of ways. For example, when your staff is getting treated sooner, they are also likely to quickly return to work. At Bravo Benefits, we offer two types of hospital treatment insurance. Both treatment plans help employees return to the workforce quickly and efficiently. With Hospital Treatment Insurance Choice 1, employees are covered for prompt medical treatment, whereas Choice 2 makes private surgery cheaper and more accessible, covering them for a maximum of three surgical procedures in a consecutive 12-month period.


Cash Plans

With cash plans, your employees get access to a truly exceptional level of cover.

A cash plan will provide continuous health cover to keep your employees healthy by providing financial assistance for all sorts of everyday health care costs such as dental treatment, optical, chiropody and even CT scans. It also includes the DoctorLine service which allows your employees to speak to a doctor at any time of days and assess if they need medical treatment.

Cash plans are also beneficial to organisations. When employees are happy and healthy, you increase staff satisfaction within the business. This can aid company retention as employees feel valued and appreciated in the workplace.


At Bravo Benefits, we offer a variety of employee benefits that work to actively engage, protect and reward your employees. For more information on our Employee Assistance Programmes, Hospital Treatment Insurance or Cash Plans please call our team on 0330 333 9100.