SURGERY CHOICES 1 & SURGERY CHOICES 2 Private Health Insurance

Health cover for working life and beyond

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At bravo benefits we offer two levels of Private Health Insurance cover: Surgery Choices 1 and Surgery Choices 2.


A pioneering concept in employee health cover, at a price that really works for your business.

Private Health Insurance through your company makes private surgery and medical treatment more affordable and accessible, so employees can be treated quicker and get back to the workplace far sooner.


Waiting for surgery can be a long and stressful time for your employees and long waiting lists can result in longer periods of absence and recovery times.

With our Private Health Insurance plans, your staff can get treated sooner and back to work quickly, and there’s only one price for all. As well as this, premiums do not increase with claims, meaning Private Health Insurance is a cost-effective way of showing your employees that you care about their health.

Setting up a policy is simple and straightforward, and you have the option to cover different groups of staff on different levels, meaning your company can be fully covered.


Employees are covered for a maximum of three surgical procedures in a consecutive 12-month period, with a maximum benefit of up to £250,000 (dependent on the level of cover) during the lifetime of their cover. However, chronic conditions are not covered.

Private Health Insurance through your company provides employees with immediate cover for new conditions and fast access to fixed price private treatment packages, should they need surgery. This means that employees benefit from quick treatment and employers benefit from fewer absence days.

These policies give employees access to an exceptional level of cover, including a whole range of surgical and medical procedures.

Here at bravo benefits, we provide a range of benefits to help employers reward their employees, keeping them motivated and feeling valued. Today, more companies are investing in employee protection in order to protect their workforce. By providing your employees with Private Health Insurance, you can protect your employees and get them back to work as soon as possible. If you are interested in providing your employees with Private Health Insurance, talk to a member of our team today on 0330 333 9100 or email us on

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