An Employer's Approach to Employee Benefits Tailor-Made or Generic?

The world is full of compromises and often they are the only solution to keep the peace and leave everyone feeling happy. However, that's the problem, a compromise leaves no one in the ideal situation from their point of view.

The biggest challenge an employer faces when designing an employee benefits programme is to deliver a programme that suits everyone without shattering their budget constraints.

The conflicting benefit needs of the different generations in the workplace have been well documented, but that is just part of the story in terms of broad priorities. Employers also need to consider that within those generations there will be sub-sections with different needs and priorities.

So, given this complexity do we just throw in the towel and, apart from benefits that must be provided for regulatory reasons, just pay salaries and leave the employee to purchase/source what meets their individual needs?

Whilst appreciating that there are some very sophisticated systems available that allow the employer to offer a benefits allowance that the employee can then use through a flex system, these have a price tag that would be beyond most employers’ budgets. The challenge to them is then “are they spending wisely and getting value for their money?”

At Bravo Benefits, we believe that employers could be spending money on technology that they don’t need or that does not deliver the solution the employer is looking for.

An employer needs to ask the question “Am I being sold something I don’t need or am I being helped to purchase something that adds demonstrable value to the organisation?

For some benefits, the employee will come to appreciate the importance of them as their circumstances change, such as pensions, death in service benefits, private medical insurance, etc.

The employer can look to be more imaginative with lifestyle and voluntary benefits, thereby increasing choice without spending much at all. These include:


Financial Wellbeing

Discounted Gym Membership

Health Cash Plans

Online GP Services

Retail Discounts

Health Screening


So, is the ideal solution a hybrid of generic and tailor-made benefits with the employee able to pick the accessories to go with the off the shelf options provided by the employer?

What this amount to is the need for the employer to seek appropriate guidance to build a benefits programme that meets their objectives and budget. Find out more by calling 0330 333 9100 or emailing