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Affordable fitness at a range of fitness centres

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How does the Gym Discount Scheme help?

Getting fit is hard. And expensive gym memberships can make it difficult to access classes and equipment that encourage you to keep working towards your fitness goal. Not everyone is suited to the standard workout model… or fitness centre.

Our Gym Discount Scheme is special in that it is not just for gyms! Your employees can choose to spend their discount at a range of fitness centres.  Choose from budget gyms, health clubs, boot camps, fitness studios, independent gyms, yoga centres, leisure centres and more.

Support your team’s health and wellbeing by giving them a chance to access affordable fitness equipment, classes and resources with our Gym Discount Scheme.

What is the Gym Discount Scheme?

Our Gym Discount Scheme allows your employees to save 15% off a monthly gym membership fee. If they already have a gym membership, this scheme can grant them additional savings, savings that they can pass on to their family members.

In addition, the scheme also allows employees to make extra savings on other health-related products, such as fitness devices, activity holidays and golfing greens. You pay an annual fee per head for the scheme, quietly providing an employee benefit that your team really wants and that attracts and retains top talent.

Why Choose this Scheme?

Save 15% a month

Your scheme can be used at 3,500 locations 

Huge variety of fitness centres

Redeem your vouchers at health clubs, gyms, leisure centres and more

Additional savings

Cut costs on other health-related products.

How does it work?

As soon as the scheme begins, your team are given individual logins to our exclusive digital platform, Smart Hive. Employees can access their accounts through this easy-to-use program and can download the discount voucher they need. They then need to simply exchange their voucher when paying their fees to their preferred gym provider.

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What support do I get?

Our consultation process allows us to identify the scheme that would be best to support your team in the way that you need. We are able to put together a bespoke package of benefits that help you reward your team and support their health and wellbeing.

Our Client Success Managers are on hand whenever you need support throughout your scheme. This could be technical support or information about other products that could enrich your employee benefits provision. We also support your internal marketing efforts, helping encourage as much take-up for the scheme as possible.