Financial Wellbeing Education

Invest in your staff and build long-term financial management skills.

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How does the Financial Wellbeing Education platform help?

With living costs only set to increase, building a strong financial foundation is an essential component of wellbeing in your team. Money worries can be all-pervasive, affecting every area of one’s life. Staff members who are feeling financially secure are more able to be productive in work.

Although benefits that give employees cash back undoubtedly improve their quality of life, investing in their financial education can develop money-wise skills that have a positive long-term impact on their life. Feeling in control of their money empowers your team to feel secure and to thrive in their work life.

What is the Financial Wellbeing Education platform?

The Financial Wellbeing Education platform is an online platform that gives your employees access to a variety of training resources that helps them develop their financial management skills.

The platform is full of educational content, presented in a variety of formats, so that your team can be educated in a learning style that suits them. The platform includes resources covering topics such as credit and borrowing, budgeting and spending, savings, investment and retirement, and protection.

Why Choose this Scheme?

Upskill your team

Invest in your team and empower them to make wise financial decisions.

Build financial security

Financially secure employees find it easier to thrive at work.

Have a long-term impact

Financial skills can have a positive life-long impact on your team.

How does it work?

Once your team has been added as a user to the platform, they will be able to take a short quiz to determine their Financial Fitness Score. None of their information will be shared with a third party. They will then be able to get access to articles, podcasts, videos, webinars, calculators, and more to upskill themselves and improve their Score.

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What support do I get?

Our team of experienced consultants will walk with you through the process of setting up your team’s access to the Financial Wellbeing Education platform. 

The platform is regularly updated with resources, ensuring your team stays up to date with all the latest financial trends and information.