Help your team access the eye care they are entitled to Eye Care Vouchers

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How does our Eyecare Voucher Scheme help?

We all know that employers have a duty of care to support the physical wellbeing of their staff when that wellbeing could be affected by the role they are performing. Eye health and quality of sight are important aspects of the physical wellbeing of any employee.

Our Eyecare Voucher Scheme allows you to ensure that your staff have access to eye tests and glasses regardless of their financial circumstances. The vouchers reduce the amount they have to spend on optician’s appointments, eye tests, contact lenses and glasses.

What is the Eyecare Voucher Scheme?

The Eyecare Voucher Scheme allows your employees to access vouchers that contribute to the cost of eye tests and glasses. This reduces their outgoings, ensures their eye health is as good as can be and means you are meeting your legal obligations as an employer. Employers have a legal obligation to provide an eye test for a Visual Display Unit (VDU) user if they request one, and the employer is obliged to pay for glasses if they need them only for VDU use. Most standard computers fall under the category of VDUs.

The vouchers can be redeemed by thousands of opticians around the country. There are different vouchers available depending on your employees’ needs.

  • Visual Display Unit (VDU) Eyecare vouchers are the perfect solution for employees who spend the vast majority of their time on computer screens or similar.
  • Safety Eyewear vouchers contribute to the cost of optician appointments, health checks and glasses for those working in environments that may be hazardous or dangerous.
  • Our Optical Care vouchers cover the cost of prescription lenses, frames and contact lenses for general use.
  • Premium Club vouchers cover multiple types of eyecare, including VDU and Safety eyewear care. Recipients can also use the vouchers to pay for the eyecare of up to two family members.

No matter what cover you need, we can provide you with the right mix of vouchers for your team.

Why Choose this Scheme?

Provide care

Ensure you are meeting the legal requirements for your workforce

Reduce costs

Help your staff to meet the cost of tests and glasses

Easy-to-manage scheme

Easy access, with very little administration required

How does it work?

Once you know which eyecare vouchers you require, contact our team. We will be able to process your order and send the vouchers out to your team via email. It is that simple. Staff can redeem the vouchers whenever they want. The vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of issue.

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What support do I get?

Our team of employee benefit specialists are on hand to support you during every stage of the process. We can help you select the benefits that are best for your team and issue everyone with a login to our Smart Hive digital platform so that they can unlock the benefits they need when they need them. 

From advertising your benefits to educating your staff on their merits, we can provide a range of resources and support. Our colleagues are always on hand to provide technical help and to answer any questions you may have. We want to ensure that after the initial setup, the time spent on managing your scheme is kept to a minimum. For easy to administer employee benefits that reward, engage and support, speak to our team today.