Preventative wellbeing support for hybrid teams

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How does MyMindPal help?

Stress can have a significant impact on the wellbeing and productivity of the workplace. This challenge is compounded by the fact that people often do not seek help until they are really suffering. The long recovery periods required often have a significantly negative impact on them and the rest of their team.

MyMindPal seeks to support employees by helping them prevent stress and burnout well before it happens. The app’s methodology is based on the idea that how we Feel, Act, Copy and Think (FACT) will determine our stress levels and emotional wellbeing. Behavioural scientists, psychologists, therapists, and neuroscientists have all contributed to the development of the app, ensuring that scientific research is behind every aspect of the training program.

With hybrid teams increasingly the norm, ensuring you are delivering outstanding mental health support to your team has never been more challenging. But an agile digital platform can ensure every member of your workforce has instant access to the support that they need. Accessible anywhere, anytime, this digital platform ensures equitable and bespoke support is delivered to your team.

What is MyMindPal?

MyMindPal is an online program and a smartphone app that can help your team prevent stress and burnout at work.  By following a series of exercises, your employees can learn a range of techniques that help them manage stress, boost relaxation and develop a positive mindset. Employees can work through the app’s activities at their own pace and chart their progress.

The app’s program ensures that the activities delivered are personally tailored to each user, and it uses a wide range of techniques to build the mental fitness of your team. The intelligent system also directs users who are at risk of struggling with their mental health to appropriate support.

This platform allows you to deliver bespoke, equitable wellbeing support that really helps individuals make positive steps to prevent and combat mental health challenges that can impact their working lives.

Why Choose this Scheme?

Support hybrid teams

The app is accessible everywhere

Personalised wellbeing support

Move through the exercises at your own pace

Preventative wellbeing support

Exercises help teams manage stress before it occurs

What support do I get?

MyMindPal is just one in a range of benefits that we can provide to help you build a culture of wellbeing in your workplace. Our consultants are happy to provide information on other, complementary benefits so that you can build a bespoke package of support for your team. All of our benefits are available to access via our Smart Hive app, meaning your team can access all their benefits in one place.

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How does it work?

Once you have discussed your needs with our team of experts, you will be set up with a MyMindPal account. Your team will all receive personalised logins, and we give you the resources you need to advertise the program amongst your staff. Your team can download the app and log in whenever they are ready. MyMindPal recommends that a few minutes on the app every day will build mental resilience and positive thoughts.