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How does the Occupational Health Service help?

Over 6 million workers in the UK had a non-fatal injury in their workplace each year. On average, each of these workers took over 17 days off work. The impact on any workplace of any worker needing to take time off due to illness or injury is significant. It affects the team, the business and sometimes the mental health of the individual involved.

But, sometimes an employee’s pathway back to work is hindered by factors other than just physical injury. Emotional trauma and mental health problems are just a few of the issues that could be hindering a quick return to work. Our workplace Occupational Health benefit is unique in that it does not just focus on the impact of long-term absence on the business, but instead provides a package of care that assesses all the factors that might be preventing someone from returning to work. Our holistic approach means that be it physical or mental health factors affecting them, your team will get the support they need to make as quick a recovery as possible.

What is the Occupational Health Service?

Our Occupational Health Service helps your team recover and return to work in as short a time as possible, providing care for your employee, reducing the impact on your team and ultimately supporting your business. It provides a range of solutions designed to support you and your employees. Our flexible approach gives you the choice of face-to-face or virtual support across a range of services, meaning that employees can access their support anywhere, without the need for lengthy journeys at times when mobility might be a problem.

The employee journey is supported completely from end to end: from pre-employment screening, through management referrals to support, the package is designed to support you and your employees every step of the way.

Why Choose this Scheme?

Holistic approach

All factors affecting return to work are considered

Flexible care

Virtual and face-to-face triage is available

Professional referrals

Easy access to the support your team need

How does it work?

Utilising a multi-discipline team, a truly bespoke solution can be created based on your needs and those of your employees. An innovative, real-time online system allows you to manage your solutions in one place, negating the need for paper forms and delays.

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