Wellbeing Webinars

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How do the Wellbeing Webinars help?

All of us want our team to thrive in the workplace. Not only is this simply morally good, but a team that enjoys that delicate balance of being emotionally content and intellectually challenged produces the best work for a company. A thriving team builds a thriving business.

It makes sense that investing in your team’s wellbeing helps people feel safer and more fulfilled at work. This in turn means they are able to thrive and perform at their best, helping you to build your business. A huge part of this process is ensuring that your team develops life skills that support their own wellbeing. Wellbeing webinars can be an ideal way of delivering the training that your team needs.

In a workplace that is seeing an increasing trend towards hybrid working, online Webinars are an ideal way of delivering high-quality training to your remote staff, ensuring they are included and cared for.

What are our Wellbeing Webinars?

This is where our Wellbeing Webinars can help. Our Webinars are led by experienced wellbeing coaches and are designed to encourage and support behaviour change. They cover a range of topics and are delivered online, benefiting remote workers as well as those on-site.

Each webinar is delivered with a Summary Handout and runs for about an hour in total. This includes a 15 minute Q&A session.

Why Choose this Scheme?

Build a thriving business

A happy, content team will stick around and deliver great work.

Invest in your team

Help your team develop life skills that help them thrive in all areas of life.

Accessible care

Online delivery allows remote and on-site employees to benefit together.

How does it work?

Simply choose the topic and length of the webinar and then promote the program to your employees. Your staff can then book on to the webinar and access the training from anywhere in the world.

You have the choice of delivering the Webinars through our own digital program or through one that your team is more familiar with.

We offer 2 types of webinars:

Pre-recorded (without Q&A)

Live presentation (with Q&A)

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What topics do you cover?

The topics covered fall under three headings: Live well, think well, and work well. To help your team live well, we discuss issues like nutrition and healthy eating, exercise, sleep, weight, sun-care, alcohol, smoking, diabetes, and physical resilience.  Topics such as resilience, coping with pressure, and positive thinking come under the heading of “think well”. To help your team work well, we cover themes such as stress management, back care, healthy aging, and working from home