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Helping your employees to make positive changes that benefit their lives both at work and at home will positively impact their motivation, morale and productivity. A simple and effective way to encourage your employees to make changes to their lifestyle is to run live Wellbeing Webinars. Our Wellbeing Webinars cover an extensive range of health and wellbeing topics and are accessible to all of your employees in multiple locations as they are delivered online.

Taking part in Wellbeing Webinars will help employees to develop greater self-awareness of their own health and wellbeing and their lifestyle. They will gain practical tips and actions that they can incorporate into their lives to make proactive changes.

Each live coaching webinar is hosted by a wellbeing subject expert and lasts for an hour, which includes time for Q&As and discussion. Simply select a topic of your choice, promote the webinar to your employees and book them onto their webinar sessions. A summary handout comes with each webinar for you to circulate to all of your employees.

Wellbeing Webinar topics help employees to live well, think well and work well and include nutrition, health, coping mechanisms, emotional wellbeing, managing work life balance and many more. Bespoke webinars can also be created to meet the needs of your business and your people.

Here at Bravo Benefits, we provide a range of benefits to help employers to keep their employees motivated and feeling valued. Today, more companies are investing in employee benefits that are designed with health and wellbeing in mind. Increase employee engagement and morale by providing your employees with the opportunity to make positive lifestyle changes with Wellbeing Webinars. Talk to a member of our team on 0330 333 9100 or email us on information@bravobenefits.co.ukfor more information.

Why Choose this Scheme?


Support your people with valuable and positive live or pre-recorded Wellbeing Webinars


Choose from a wide range of lifestyle topics to interest all of your employees


Delivery via our webinar technology or your own internal technology

Expert Coaches

Wellbeing Webinars are led by experienced wellbeing coaches


Employees can develop greater self-awareness of their health and wellbeing


Employees can take away practical tips and actions to incorporate into their lives

Choose the best Benefits package for you

Our benefits can be developed into a bespoke package for you. You can pick and choose from our range to find those that most interest you and your employees. Contact us to discuss your options.

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Encourage and support behaviour change

Encourage your employees to make positive lifestyle changes to benefit their lifestyles at work and at home. Deliver meaningful and insightful information via experts in a simple and easy way. Talk to us today about how Wellbeing Webinars can benefit your employees and your business.