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Encourage your employees to make positive lifestyle changes through Wellbeing Coaching.  Our interactive group and 1:1 Wellbeing Coaching workshops cover a wide range of topics and issues to benefit the personal and working lives of your employees.

All of our group coaching workshops and 1:1 sessions are delivered online via Zoom and are designed to be highly interactive and delivered by a specialist wellbeing coach.  Workshops are practical and create thought-provoking discussions for employees to share their thoughts, tips and ideas with each other.

From nutrition, health and emotional wellbeing to coping mechanisms and managing work life balance, all of our Wellbeing Coaching topics help employees to live well, think well and work well.

The optimum number of attendees for workshops is 12-25 employees, however, numbers can be tailored to accommodate your requirements.  Coaching content can also be customised to your employee and organisation’s needs.  Wellbeing Coaching sessions can also signpost your employees to relevant support services as well as internal services and HR policies that you already provide.

Learn more about the format of both group coaching webinars and 1:1 coaching sessions by downloading the Wellbeing Coaching factsheet.

Here at Bravo Benefits, we provide a range of benefits to help employers to keep their employees motivated and feeling valued.  Today, more companies are investing in employee benefits that are designed to inspire employees to make positive changes to their lifestyles.  Talk to a member of our team on 0330 333 9100 or email us on information@bravobenefits.co.uk for more information.

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Choose from a wide range of lifestyle topics to interest all of your employees


Group coaching workshops and 1:1 sessions are available


Wellbeing Coaching sessions are interactive and create thought provoking discussions

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Our benefits can be developed into a bespoke package for you. You can pick and choose from our range to find those that most interest you and your employees. Contact us to discuss your options.

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